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For any project and brand, it is necessary to develop a community that will promote you and help you

gain followers on social networks.

At Markchain, we know how to develop a community from scratch, manage it, keep it loyal, involve it and

listen to it.

To do this, we offer a whole range of services to optimize your community and get the most out of it!

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Social media & content strategy

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We can also create the different social networks of your project and optimize its visual aspect, on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram and others.

Then according to your needs, we’ll create a content strategy to reach as many people as possible, this can be in the creation of infographics, images, graphics, schedule posts over time to automate the process and much more.

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Telegram Support 15 Languages

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Do you want to develop a local community on Telegram in different languages? No problem!

We work with 15 freelance community managers, each native in their own language and bilingual in English.
The languages offered are French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Arabic, Indian, Indonesian, Bengali, Iranian and Korean.

We can obviously help you develop this community through different techniques.

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Auto Community Management

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We can also develop bots on Telegram to answer the most basic questions by identifying keywords in the question.

As well as deleting spam messages automatically, giving warnings to members for non-compliance with the rules, banning members, giving points and ranks according to their engagement, distributing tokens automatically to reward them, and much more!

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Targeted Communities Promotion

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We can promote your project within various crypto-currency or blockchain discussion communities already established, such as Telegram, Discord, facebook groups and channels.
This promotion can be in different forms, such as classic advertising or native introduction.

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Guerilla Marketing

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The notion of Guerilla Marketing refers to a set of unconventional marketing actions generally used by advertisers wishing to go off the beaten track of communication. Depending on your project, the right mix of traditional and “out of the box” communication can prove to be an undeniable asset.

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Real Community Management

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Our professional team of Community managers can take care of all of your social networks on a daily basis, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin & Telegram.
They will be 5 on Telegram to ensure a 24/7 presence and answer all questions within 5 minutes.

Our team is very flexible and can post independently or with your agreement and will be proactive. It is possible to organize Quizzes, Giveaways, Contests or any other ideas that you’ll have (and that we will have!)

Just like increasing engagement, for example on Twitter, searching for hashtag #Cryptocurrency and commenting on the last 10 tweets every day, and many more!

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Customized Memes and Stickers

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It is important to engage your community through social media, and with time and technology, different methods are evolving quickly.

It is in this context that we offer you to create Memes in the image of members of your team or with the logo of your company as well as personalized stickers on telegram.
Memes can be used on all your social networks, which will build loyalty in your community and make them have a good and funny time with you.

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Airdrop & Bounty

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Have you issued a token or coin as part of your ICO / IEO or your project and wish to develop your community exponentially in exchange for a few tokens?

The Airdrop and the Bounty is for you!

We can make an Airdrop via a Telegram bot and communicate widely around it to ensure massive participation. More details on Airdrop here.

We can also make a personalized Bounty on Bitcointalk, posted by a legendary member and ensure a wide promotion for optimal participation.

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Forum Management

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Forums are places where many followers exchange around their favorite topics and share tips. We can target several forums according to your project such as Bitcointalk, CryptoFr, Cryptoforum or BTC Forum and introduce your project in different ways, threads and comments while managing the responses and commitment of the participants.

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