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We accompany you in the creation of your communication campaign according to your objectives.

Today, many means of communication are available to companies and it is easy to get lost in them. Only

a few of them will be relevant to you and generate results, so it is important to select them carefully.

Do not hesitate to contact us to define together, which are the best methods to make your project or

your company known.

It is now time for the world to discover you!

Customized Marketing plan

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You have just developed your project, are developing a new product line or are planning an international expansion and need experts to create a marketing plan?

Contact us and we will create a plan tailored to your project, consisting of market potential analysis, analysis of the product and product range to make it attractive, definition of consumer expectations and buying behavior, buyer personas, definition of actions, monitoring and much more!

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Banner Advertising Campaign

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Thanks to our numerous partnerships with well-known media with a large and qualified traffic in the fintech, finance, cryptocurrency and news sectors, we can offer you advertising campaigns that are always more targeted, with costs per view or per click.

We also offer ultra-targeting strategies that allow us to target only people who have, for example, carried out the search “Blockchain” or “Invest Crypto-money” in the last 3 days, and many others.

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Social media paid ad’s

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Our social network advertising experts can set up campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.

Since advertising of crypto-currencies, ICOs and IEOs can be regulated or even totally banned on some of these networks, it can be interesting to call upon an expert like our team who will know how to bypass them, while providing you with the best possible results.

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Design, Picture & Infographic creation

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To accompany your articles, your posts on social networks or in other circumstances, we can create custom images, design and computer graphics on any type of content, always at very affordable prices.

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Influencer campaign

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Using influencers or micro influencers in your industry to promote your product can be a very good technique.

Thanks to our privileged partnerships with many fintech and crypto influencers on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram, we can perform different types of promotions such as product placements, reviews or direct promotion of your product, sevice or firm to increase your community and visibility while boosting your traffic.

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Translation (10 languages)

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You wish to enter a new market, to establish or make yourself known in another country or continent?
The first step is often to translate your website and various documents into the language concerned.

Contact us to have a translation from English to French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Arabic, Indian, Indonesian, Bengali, Iranian and Korean. (Uncertified translation)

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Article writing

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To feed your Blog or your medium page, we propose you to write different types of articles according to your content strategy. We can write articles in English and French about your project, your business sector and others at unbeatable prices.

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Tageted Website traffic

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Through different communication tools, we can create campaigns in order to boost the traffic of your website in a completely natural way. The traffic will be targeted and will come from sources/media in the Finance, crypto-money, investment or other industries depending on your business sector.

Possibility to ultra-target the traffic, for example target only people who have searched on Google “Invest Crypto-Money” or other.

Possibility to increase non-organic traffic as well. (Black-hat)

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