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Featured your company in specialized media, whether it is in cryptocurrency, finance, news or tech is a

considerable asset for several reasons.

It can allow you to increase your notoriety with your customers, partners or investors, as well as make

your company known, increase your web traffic, find new customers and much more!

At Markchain, media is our specialization!

Thanks to our privileged relationships and our network of international journalists, editors and

contributors, we make the media accessible to everyone.

We have created different offers according to your needs mentioned below.

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Media Packages

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Our media experts have taken care to create low cost, tailor-made Media Packs, allowing all qualitative projects to appear on the biggest news sites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Cointelegraph and many more.

Composed of native publications, sponsored articles, press releases, interviews and other types of promotion, these packs ensure you a very important media coverage.
Different Packs are available depending on the price and the targeted countries/continents.

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Sponsored articles

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We have established numerous partnerships and are sponsors of several major financial, crypto and tech media in several countries. In this context, we offer you sponsored articles cheaper than if you are going through the concerned media or its advertising agency directly. And as a bonus, we advise you on which one to choose according to your needs, your budget and we take care of the whole process for you.

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Expert featuring

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Are you a freelance professional or employed in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain sector and would like to increase your notoriety?

Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants, Marketers, Service Providers and many others, do not hesitate to contact us and we will put you in the media spotlight!

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Print magazine

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We also have the possibility to feature your company or yourself in different print magazines, be it half a page, one page, 2-3 pages or even the cover in several specialized media, always at the best price.

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Press Relation – Earned Media

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We offer you to create Media Kits and Press Releases about your company, and to efficiently contact journalists about you.
With our relations, different tools and our database of + 3500 journalists specialized in crypto, tech, finance & business created manually by our team, we manage to get several articles on different media for you.

This offer is a monthly accompaniment allowing you to obtain mentions, articles and press releases in a totally organic way. The goal here is to interest journalists enough to make them write about you, and we know how to do it.

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Press Release Distribution

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Through various Press Release distribution tools, we can distribute one of your articles as a Press Release to over 5,000 financial, news and tech media outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, USA Today, MarketWatch, Reuters, Business Insider and more.

Different offers available depending on the Budget and the targeted country/continent.

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Native placements

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Thanks to our privileged relationships with journalists/contributors from a lot of media and different tools, we can submit article ideas and get mentions, quotes, interviews or full articles about your project within native news publication, without any “sponsored” tag, in order to get organic media coverage.

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Local Média + 35 Countries

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Your company is planning to establish a presence in a particular region or continent and you want to communicate about it?

We have partnerships with media and other communications outlets in over 35 countries, including China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, India, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Germany, France, Spain, North America and many more!

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Web TV, TV, Radio & Podcast

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Would you like additional communication supports? No problem!

It is also possible to participate in many radio, web-TV and TV Interview such as the Nasdaq studios interview in New York broadcast on Fox TV, KRON TV, Bloomberg TV and many others!

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