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Nowadays everyone tends to use their keyboard to write their opinion online after an experience,

whether positive or negative. Just as a potential customer will almost automatically type your name or

your company’s name on his favorite search engine to see what is being said about you.

e-Reputation management allows you to create a favorable web showcase that will, for example, support

a potential customer in his decision to work with you. Moreover, it will allow you to be alerted almost

instantly when something is said about you on the web in order to take the necessary action.

With Markchain, manage your e-Reputation, develop your online fame and become a reference in your

industry! Google is your friend.

E-Reputation Management

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Malicious people or competitors have published a negative article about your firm? A post on social networks, a video, a review or anything else?
You can engage us and we will do our best to remove this content.
You only pay for the result. All our techniques are obviously 100% legal and ethical.

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Google Knowledge Panels Creation

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Google Knowledge Panels are another way to develop the online reputation of a professional or company. This is the block you’ll find on the right side of your screen in Google search results, often attributed to stars and famous entrepreneurs.

This allows you to be found by anyone typing your name, brand or company name into Google, immediately.

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Social Media Boost

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The number of followers and engagement on social networks is nowadays a key factor in the online notoriety of a company or a person.

Thanks to various White (organic) & Black (non-organic) Hat “Growth Hacking” techniques, we can increase the number of followers and the engagement of your posts while increasing your visibility on many social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Linkedin, Youtube, Medium and Quora.

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Guest Article on your behalf

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Another way to increase your notoriety is to write articles about your industry and publish them in internationally known media!
This is a guarantee of quality that proves that your expertise is internationally recognized.

You don’t know how to write articles like a professional writer that will passionate readers? No problem!

Our professional ghost writers will take care of it for you and we will post the article in your behalf in major media.

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Online Conference

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You don’t have time, budget or don’t want to travel around the world to participate to events and conferences? No problem!

It is also possible to present your project, discuss your expertise and new trends online via virtual summits, and all this from your office. (or your sofa!)

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Wikipedia Page Creation

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A Wikipedia page is a very good way to develop your online notoriety, whether for the CEO of a company, the company itself, a freelance and anyone else.

Our Wikipedia writing experts can take care of writing it and meeting all the tedious requirements required by Wikipedia.

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Backlink Campaign

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Do you want to increase the SEO rank of your website and be found more easily on Google when searching for keywords associated with your business? We can help you increase the authority of your domain name with a Backlink campaign!

We will target different websites, media and blogs related to your activities and introduce natural do-follow links redirecting to your website, which will also result in an increase of your traffic.

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Interview & Media

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As indicated in the “media” section of our website, we can feature you as an expert in your industry whether you are an individual or a company in many online, print, radio, TV or Web-TV media.

Many solutions are possible, interviews, mentions, quotes, sponsored articles, press releases, native publications, everything is possible with Markchain!

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Blockchain, Investor & Family Office Summits

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Would you like to share your expertise on stage at international, national or local conferences to develop your reputation and meet potential customers, investors and partners?

Nothing could be simpler, we have partnerships with many major web, Fintech, Blockchain, Investment and Family Office events & summits around the world, and can offer you several opportunities such as participating in panel discussions, pitching on stage, sponsoring an event and much more!

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